I've already written a post on buying eco-friendly/ sustainable Christmas presents, and you can find it here. Ideas include beauty & skincare, food & drink gift ideas, adopting an animal through WWF and experience gifting, check out the original post for full details on the gift guide!

Interestingly, it appears that a lot of attention has been directed towards sustainable gift wrapping over the past few years as a lot of conventional wrapping paper isn't recyclable. If you're dead-set on buying wrapping paper from a shop, a good way to tell if it's recyclable is if it scrunches, and remains scrunched in your hand. Obviously, anything with glitter/ bows/ etc will not be recyclable. If you're specifically looking for something to wrap with, paper wise, brown paper and newspaper are a great idea, and be sure to use a recyclable version of tape, such as this washi tape from Paperchase.

If you're not bothered about wrapping, gift bags like these from Paperchase, or these from T K Maxx are a great option because they are so easily reuseable! Alternatively, gift boxes are one of my favourite ways to give gifts because they are so easy to make look pretty with (reused) ribbon & tissue paper. Some of my favourites include these artic pals boxes from Paperchase, these slightly more sensible Christmas boxes from card factory, and these boxes from etsy, which you can personalise! You can also often pick these kind of things up in second hand shops for a very low price, and obviously the money goes to charity, which is even better.

I've never been a huge fan of Christmas cards (especially posting them) because of the cost, and environmental impact, so when I discovered paperless post, it was like all my dreams had come true! They kindly gifted me some coins to spend on their website, so I sent some Christmas cards to my best friends who are home from uni for the holidays! They have some really lovely designs, and the website is really easy to use. You can customise the cards, the text on the front, the back of the cards, and the envelope, change the backdrop, add motifs/ symbols and so much more! They're so easy to personalise and send and are such a great alternative for paper cards, at a relatively cheap price!

Bit of a different one, but one of the things that's associated with Christmas and the festive period (including new year) is parties, and meals out and seeing friends, and these all require really nice outfits. I know from experience that it's so so so easy to warrant buying loads of new outfits and partywear. But, it's pretty unlikely you'll wear this new outfit at any other time other than Christmas, meaning that it ends up being a pretty useless buy, wasting your money, and you're ruining the environment by investing in fast fashion in this way. A great idea for this time of year is rethinking your wardrobe; styling day-to-day clothes in a party season way, and changing your wardrobe around. If you really can't find anything appropriate, try asking a friend if you can borrow something, browse your local charity shops, or shop on depop!

If you want to do something good for others, without causing a negative environmental impact, over the festive period, then donating to charity is a great way to help. I personally donate food to my local food bank, but you can also donate toys to kids who need them in some supermarkets, buy extra bits for the homeless (whether it's buying a coffee for someone who needs it, or finding a charity and buying them something of their amazon wish list), or donate to animal charities.

What will you be doing to have a more eco-friendly Christmas this year?

All my love,

Em x

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