This is a bit of a weird post for me because I post a lot about my studying, note taking and how much I love my degree over on my instagram, but I don't often talk about the other side of uni, when things aren't always perfect, and it can all be a bit tough sometimes. It's no secret that university can be tough, there's a lot of little things that can go wrong, and unfortunately one of them is the motivation to do work.

For anyone who doesn't know, I'm currently studying psychology at the University of Durham, and although I'm in my second year at the university, I'm in the first year of this degree as I changed last summer. Although I'm technically in first year, I think I'm feeling the pressure to be on top of work more because my friends are all second year and are constantly working towards deadlines because they count towards their final grade. Also, the way my degree course is set up means I don't have January exams, they're all the in the summer, and I have 5 week blocks of content, followed with a formative test at the end of these 5 weeks, meaning I have to be on to on top of work for these. My degree has an average of 9 contact hours a week (so the hours I'm actually in university, for lectures & seminars) and outside of uni, I'm supposed to read for independently read 6 hours worth for every hour of lectures. Ultimately, I have a lot of work to do, at my desk, by myself.

Since going back to uni in January, I've actually been surprisingly on top of work, and I think the reason I've had a burnout this week is because I'm at home this weekend. This is my first time coming home this term, 4 weeks in, and going home is great, but I don't get much work done there. I've also had my best friend Daisy come to visit, so didn't get much work done, and my boyfriend is coming to stay next week, and I won't get any work done then either. So recently, all the opportunity I have to do my uni work is during the week. I think it's this mid-week pressure that's made me have a burnout. But, burnouts are completely normal, and we all go through them at uni and just in general life. I don't see many people talking about them online, but they really are something that happens to us all, those days when we have no motivation to do anything except sleep, eat and watch Netflix. It's so frustrating, especially as someone who loves their degree, and genuinely (and really sadly) loves studying.

So, what did I do about it?

Well firstly, moaned about it to my flatmates, my mum and my boyfriend, without actually trying to do anything about it. I then moaned about it to instagram too! I still made it to my lectures and seminars, so I wasn't missing out on content, but other than that, I let myself take it pretty easy. I tried to spend time with my gal pals, talk to family and boyfriend more, and just do things that made me feel happy and relaxed. I read a lot, watched some films (which is a rarity for me, I'm normally much more of a series kind of girl), did my painting by numbers (it's the kiss by Gustav Klimt, before you all laugh at me), and caught up on some sleep. I basically just let myself do what felt right, and not to feel bad about my burnout. And, the good news is, that it worked. It's Saturday evening as I'm writing this, and I've managed to do 3 hours of work today, building back up to my normal amount of work!

The main thing I've learnt from this is not to put too much pressure on myself, but that when it does inevitably happen, that that's okay, and to just take it easy and take care of myself for a few days until I get my motivation back!

Have you experienced something similar at uni or at work? What are your top tips for getting your motivation back on track?

All my love,

Em x