I, like many others right now, have my uni exams within the next month, and, understandably, my usual exam revision routine has completely gone out the window. I normally handwrite all my notes, using my lecture notes and textbooks, and then make flashcards from those notes, because I'm very much a handwriting things kinda person, I find that I don't learn by typing things. I'm also definitely someone who needs to have visually pleasing notes, because I struggle to learn from reading big chunks of text. If you follow me on instagram  then you've probably seen that I normally study using mind maps and fancy highlighters and pens. But, all of my exams have been changed to open book exams, and the memorisation that normally happens doesn't need to, meaning I don't need to put in the time and effort into revising that I normally would.

So, I've had to change what I'm doing in terms of revision for exams, and I thought I'd share what I'm doing in case it helps someone else! So for most of my modules, I don't know what will be on my exams, and so I'm working on just building up a set of key notes from my lectures from the whole year. I'm still trying to make my notes as I normally would, as some of the things I've learnt this year, I'll need to know again for next year, and so I think it'll be helpful to have those notes ready, so I don't have to worry about re-doing them at a later date. I have one exam where I know the question in advance (I'm not sure why either), and so for that, I'm going to write out the answer beforehand, so it's less for me to worry about on the day.

However, my working situation for being at home is very different to being at uni for revising for exams. My house is generally quite quiet, meaning it's easy to find somewhere to do my work, but I find it hard to find the motivation to revise when I know I could be outside in the sun reading, or doing something else. Also having a chronic illness has meant that my routine isn't fantastic right now, and I sometimes struggle to get up before the afternoon. In my daily routine in quarantine post, I mentioned that i'm taking each day as it comes, and struggling to make any sort of routine, which in turn is making it difficult to make a revision schedule of any kind. Instead, I'm doing work when I feel up to it, which isn't as often as I'd like, but is better than nothing. I'm lucky that I don't have a lot of exams, and they're quite spaced out, so I'll hopefully be able to revise well before they start but also in between my exams.

So basically, I'm currently trying to revise as best as I can during this situation; it's by no means perfect, or my usual way of revising, so it's a learning curve for me. I'm trying to not put too much pressure on myself, but it's difficult to do that when exams are soon approaching. I think the main thing, I, and anyone else reading this who's a student can do, is do the best you can do, given the current situation, and reach out to someone, friends or an academic member of staff, if you're struggling.

How are you revising for your exams in quarantine? Have you got any advice for motivation and effective revision?

All my love,

Em x