Freshers week is the thing that's usually talked about most when you first go to uni - it's not just drinking and going out, it's the chance you get to meet new people, settle in, get loads of great student deals, join societies, meet your lecturers and classmates and buy things like textbooks, when you find out what you actually need (don't buy the whole reading list, you'll never read it!). Because of covid-19, it's obvious that this year is likely to be very different as the majority of universities have already made the decision to move their teaching online, but it's quite unclear how everything will actually operate in reality. It's difficult to meet new people when you have to stay 2m away from them, all the clubs are still closed, and teaching is moved online, but thankfully, this is where Paperclip can help you to settle into uni life, without missing out on the good bits!

Paperclip are an online marketplace for students, and have a successful set up in the university of Oxford, university of Cambridge, university of Durham, University College London and 40+ other unis! This year, Paperclip are launching a Digital Welcome Pack, where students are able to find student deals and discounts without having to leave their flat. Students can currently can sign up to the waitlist on paperclips website, and get your welcome pack which includes of up to £3,000 worth of student deals! This includes offers from uber eats, amazon, ola taxis and loads more! On top of this, there's also the chance to win giveaways just for signing up for more than 1-in-10 students, including holidays abroad, iPads and cash! 

Paperclip will also provide you with a link to your universities marketplace if they have one (don't worry if not, you can let them know and they'll work on setting one up), and it's here that you can buy, sell and swap textbooks, clothes, things you've made, electrical items, household bits and bobs, and basically anything! Textbooks and other bits that you need as a student can add up really quickly, and so using Paperclip can help to save you money on things you need, and do that little bit for the environment at the same time. 

To sign up for the welcome pack with Paperclip, you just need to visit or use my referral link before the 20th August to guarantee you get the pack! From there, you'll be provided with your own referral link to enter into the giveaways for prizes and cash. What do you think a socially distant freshers week will look like as aa returning student? If you're heading off to uni for the first time this year, is being socially distant something that worries you about starting uni? 

All my love,

Em x